4 Things to Consider Before Signing a Moving Contract For Your Next Move

At Astro/Law’s Moving and Storage we know how stressful moving can truly be for people. Whether you are moving for the first time since starting your family or finally settling into your dream home, many people welcome “moving day” with a mix of emotions. We want to help make your move as smooth as possible, so no matter where you’re moving to or from, make sure these 4 things are at the top of your to-do before signing a moving contract for the big day.


Call Around

Don’t just settle with the first company that shows up on Google. Do your due diligence and truly find the best moving company for your needs. Ask friends and family for recommendations and check the reputations of companies online. These are the people that will be moving some of the things that you hold nearest to your heart, so certainly take the time to find the best ones available.


Once you’ve checked them out and decided on the final contenders of reliable companies, call them all to get initial quotes. Find out which services they offer, what is included- and what is not- and whether or not their estimates are binding or non-binding. By understanding your estimate before going in, you will have a clearer grasp of the final costs. If the company offers in person estimates, make sure to take advantage of this service, to help the company quote you as accurately as possible upon seeing your home and possessions in person.


Ask About the Cancellation

When it comes to moving, the expenses can certainly add up quickly. Before you’ve even moved, the deposit can feel like a large chunk of your moving budget has already been utilized. Ask the company you choose whether or not the deposit is reimbursed upon cancellation or failure to show on the part of the mover. By asking these questions you can help your costs to stay as low as possible- and even get some money back if possible.


Read the Fine Lines

Don’t fall for the “sign here, here and here” spiel and instead insist on reading the moving contract- or Bill of Lading- in its entirety. On the day of go over the specific details in writing, such as times, addresses (especially the deliver to address), payment methods and contact numbers. Finally, ask about “extra expenses” such as equipment fees, added taxes and fuel charges. You will want to have all of this information clear and accessible to ensure there are no surprises for anyone.


Checklists For the Big Day

Certainly make sure to have your “moving day checklists” ready for the big day. You should make a comprehensive list of the items you are having moved from any outside companies, especially the important items. Discuss this move with your movers when they arrive that day and talk about items that are fragile and the logistics of both properties, such as the parking and flights of stairs.


Once you arrive at your new home, revisit your checklist to ensure that the correct items have arrived and that nothing is missing or damaged. This is exceptionally beneficial in holding the moving team responsible for the repairs or replacement if you are able to catch it sooner than later.


Don’t leave finding your moving company until the last minute, which can lead to a company with a bad reputation or poor practices. By raising these questions before signing on the dotted line- and following up with on the day of- you are taking the steps necessary to guarantee a hassle-free moving day with your chosen moving company.

4 Things to Consider Before Signing a Moving Contract For Your Next Move
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