8 Ways to Skip the Stress and Pack Like a Pro

Congratulations on finding your new home- now it’s time to get to work. Life doesn’t stop when we decide to move, so adding this task to your plate can seem overwhelming on top of everything else left to do. But if there’s one thing we know at Astro/ Law’s Moving & Storage it’s how to move from start to finish. Here’s our ultimate guide to packing- and unpacking- like a pro.


Control the Clutter

Welcome to the first- and possibly most important- step to packing like a pro: controlling the clutter. With this two-step process first you’ll organize, and then you’ll eliminate. Why is this so important? By purging items before the move, you will have less to pack to bring to your new home. Less to bring saves you money, time and stress. This is a great opportunity to organize, sell, donate or trash the things you no longer use.

Gather Your Supplies

Don’t wait until last minute to get the boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. for your big move. By doing so, all you’re asking for is a headache and last minute hustle around town when you could be working on more important tasks.


Stick a Label On It!

Packing without labeling is like a car without an engine- it just doesn’t work. Since you’ve recently organized, purged and downsized all of your belongings, labeling your remaining items just got that much easier.


Now, with your favorite label maker or fresh Sharpie, start naming the moving boxes with the specific room they belong to and a basic idea of what’s inside. For example, Kitchen: Pots and Pans, helps you to know exactly what’s inside that box to save you time- and stress- during the unpacking process.


Make a Checklist- Check It Twice

Create a checklist- or download one here- to know what is in each box. This will help you to account for it during the packing process and then check it back in, once you’ve moved. This inventory list will save you time and worry throughout your moving experience.

Loading the Truck

Loading the moving truck is all about strategy. You’ll want to prioritize the items and boxes you’ll need first; for best accessibility, put those items on last to save you time and effort, instead of climbing over heaps of boxes and large furniture.


Don’t forget to secure your fragile items, ensuring that nothing valuable can break throughout your trip.

Unpacking Made Easy

Unpacking your things will be easier than ever if you listened to our suggestions above. Now, you know which box belongs where and can immediately unload them to the rooms they are pre-designated for. Skip the pileup in the living room and actually unpack without the mess for once.


Prioritize Your Unpacking

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you didn’t pack everything in two days, so don’t freak out if it takes some time to unpack your boxes also. To get started though, prioritize the unpacking process; typically, people unpack favorite items for children and pets, followed by anything in the kitchen for basic meals. If you work from home, you will need access to your computers, phones and files sooner than later, so keep that in mind as well.


Don’t forget, everything will eventually find its place, so enjoy the experience of making your new house a home.


Take Inventory

Finally, check back in with your inventory list to ensure that everything arrived successfully- and in one piece. Check for items you might need to replace as well; often, people toss small items, such as: spatulas, notepads, etc. and you will want to pick those items up the next time you’re stocking up.

8 Ways to Skip the Stress and Pack Like a Pro
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