Moving tips

Moving Tips

We understand that moving can be a stressful time. Astro/Law’s Moving & Storage specializes in making your move a safe, easy, and stress free one. We know that not all moves are going to go as planned and there are several things that may change your move last minute. Luckily, Astro/Law's Moving & Storage has seen most of these situations over our 40 + years in this business. We are fully equipped to handle all of your moving needs. Here is a couple of moving tips that may help you with your questions:

  • TIP #1 - You can leave clothes in your dresser drawers for your move. We recommend that you use a drawer for your bedding. This will help you to remember where your bedding are located for the first night at your new home.

  • TIP #2 - Make sure that all lamps, pictures, glass tops, and marble tops are packed for your move.

  • TIP #3 - When moving locally you may be able to move some of your cabinet and closet contents yourself to save some money.

  • TIP #4 - If you are moving out of state, the driver that loads your items may be able to give you a better delivery spread. This will help you prepare for arrival at your new home.

  • TIP #5 - Be sure to ask your mover if they have any used packing material that you can buy or possibly have for free.

  • TIP #6 - TV boxes are needed for flat screen TV’s when moving out of state, try to pick up a used box at your local TV store if you did not save the original. This will save you around $100.00. These boxes are expensive not only for you, but your mover as well.

  • TIP #7 - Packing yourself can save you some cost, but you may want your mover to pack your high value items, china, and expensive crystal.

  • TIP #8 - When moving locally, it may be faster for your mover to make more than one trip from the old home to your new home if you are moving within 10 miles. This may help you save some money. Be sure to ask your mover if this is possible.
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