Storage facilities

Storage Facilities

Astro/Law’s Moving & Storage offers full service logistics management, record retention, warehousing, and goods storage. We own and operate over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, over 10,000 pieces of moving equipment, 200 trucks and lifts, and over 100 employees. Not to mention that with National Van Lines we can utilize the resources of 700 fellow agents in every major market of the United States. 

We also offer full service receiving. You can order new furniture, have us receive the items, have us inspect the item, and store the item until you are ready for delivery. This works great for designers and home owners that are looking to order furniture for one room or a whole home. Feel free to stop by and ask us for a tour of our warehouse at any time.

Our storage facilities are always clean! We strive to ensure that every item we receive is inventoried, inspected, and placed into storage the same day. All of your items will be professionally pad wrapped and vaulted by our highly trained warehouse personnel.

We have the facilities to offer not only storage for residential customers, but commercial businesses as well. For commercial storage customers we can offer a full service record storage or store items until you need them to complete a job. We know that record storage can be a complicated task for your office. At Astro/Law's Moving & Storage we have been doing it for years! You can say, “We have it down to a science”. 

We can have a box or file available for pick up or delivery in minutes. We keep detailed records of when we received the box and where the box is located, or you can just have us receive and store items that are not needed for you to complete a job; instead of having items clutter up your small warehouse, let us store them in a safe secure space that is designated just for your customers. We can even store them by your customers name to ensure that the items are ready for you at any time.

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