Storage tips

Storage Tips

We understand that sometimes your new residence may not be ready, or maybe you sold your home so fast that you have nowhere to move. Don’t let this stress you out, we can help. Astro/Law's Moving & Storage has a fully concrete constructed facility that is climate controlled and built up to the most recent hurricane codes. If you have no place to move, let us help. Ideally we want to move you from one home to another to help you save money, but when you need storage we will be here. Below are a couple of tips that can also help.

  • TIP #1 - If you only need some of your items stored, identify which items need storage with your mover.

  • TIP #2 - You should pack the clothes from your dresser drawers if you are storing for more than 6 months. This will ensure that you will have no moisture to possibly turn into mold.

  • TIP #3 - Have your mover pack any of your high value items to ensure that they are properly covered under the valuation that you selected for your move. This will also ensure that the items you care about most are packed properly.

  • TIP #4 - If you elected to move into a mini storage make sure you provide the mover with the proper padding materials to safely stack your items. Blankets, sheets, paper pads, or pads that you can purchase from your storage facility are preferred to ensure that your items are not scratched or damaged.

  • TIP #5 - Be sure to drain any gas and oil from lawnmowers, weed eaters, mopeds, or any other small engines before storage.

  • TIP #6 - Do not store any hazardous materials or flammables.
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