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Unpacking Tips

We know that unpacking can be a tedious task, but with a little help from Astro/Law's Moving & Storage, your unpacking will be a breeze. We offer several services that you can choose from. We can unpack your boxes on to the counter tops and just dispose of your debris to save time and money or we can provide a full “maid” service by unpacking your boxes and placing your items directly in cabinets where you want them. Most of our customers elect to unpack themselves. This saves money and they usually have plenty of time after their move to relax and unpack when they want. If you are one of these customers look through the tips below to make your task easier.

  • TIP #1 - Always have your mover unpack high value items so they can inspect them for you. They will make note of any damages if needed.

  • TIP #2 - Unpack the items that you will need first. You will have plenty of time to unpack the other items later.

  • TIP #3 - Try to unpack the rest of your items room-by-room. This will help you notice if any items are missing from that room.

  • TIP #4 - If you see that items are missing from a particular room, write the missing items down. Cross the item off as you find them in another room. This will help you remember any items that you may have to claim missing or damages on later.

  • TIP #5 - When unwrapping you items be careful. Sometimes the mover may pack more than one item per piece of wrapping paper. Also, watch out for sharp objects like knives!

  • TIP #6 - If you notice any damage to you carton, open the box while the mover is at your residence. Then your mover can make the proper notation of any damages for you or they can direct you to the proper person to help you file the claim.

  • TIP #7 - As you unpack, you will find that you may run out of space. In this case, you will need to flatten down your empty boxes. Try to place packing paper in the larger boxes to conserve space. Most movers will pick up your flattened material after you have completed unpacking.

  • TIP #8 - Always remember to unpack everything before filing a claim to your mover. Just because you may not find an item in the room that it is supposed to be in doesn’t mean that the item is not at your residence. Sometimes things get misplaced.

For more information contact your mover. We can help you find anything that may be misplaced with a simple phone call.

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